Best car vinyl wrap tool kit

Best car vinyl wrap tool kit for your car

car vinyl wrap tool kit is one of most needed things you want to clean your car. Its very tough to find perfect car vinyl wrap tool kit . On this content we will suggest you some amazing product that will help you to cleaning your car.

Our best finding for car vinyl wrap tool kit for car:

Here is our best 3 recommendation for car vinyl wrap tool kit

List of the best car vinyl wrap tool kit by our automobile experts. We have reviewed almost all available products and found these are working best

Vehicle Window Tint Film Install Vinyl Wrap Tool Kit includes Felt Squeegee, PPF Scraper, Safety Cutter, Air Release Pin, Utility Knife & Blades Vinyl Applicator Wrap Tools for Car Wrapping Wallpaper
as of December 4, 2022 10:27 pm


  • Car wrapping tools in this vinyl wrap tool kit work great in car vinyl wrap applicator, ppf installing and vehicle window tint film install. This car wrap kit includes rubber ppf tools, vinyl squeegee, spare felts, wrap knife, vinyl wrap cutter, micro squeegee, window scraper, air release bubble free pen tool, mini corner squeegee. A set of practical ppf install kit vinyl wrap tools helps to finish your window tinting and car wrap install task much more efficiency.
  • Vinyl wrap kit includes two reusable felt squeegees for all vinyl applications or window tint install, air bubble removal, tint window cleaning and window water removal. Wrap squeegee with fabric felt and big buffer microfine felt will effectively minimize scratches and reduce damage risk. Rubber squeegee PPF kit helps in paint protection film Installing.
  • Two types edge trimming squeegees in this vinyl wrapping tool kit help to much easier trim the vinyl edge and insert the vinyl into a thin gap such as bumpers, headlight, taillight, roof molding trim.
  • Wrap kit tools includes variety vinyl cutting tools, such as 30-degree window tint knife and vinyl wrap blade, safety vinyl cutter and craft knife to meet different requirements in vinyl cutting, film cutting, edge film trimming, decals cutting, etc.
  • Car wrap tools also offers a plastic scraper kit to effectively removing old films, air bubbles, dust, etc. Come with 5pcs spare blades for long lasting work.

Vehicle Vinyl Wrap Window Tint Film Tool Kit Include 4 Inch Felt Squeegee, Retractable 9mm Utility Knife and Snap-off Blades, Zippy Vinyl Cutter and Mini Soft Go Corner Squeegee for Car Wrapping
as of December 4, 2022 10:27 pm


  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL SET: A set of professional tool kit for both professional and DIY wrappers. Suitable for application of all types of window tint,decals,signs, wrap film and car vinyl cutting.
  • FELT EDGE SQUEEGEE: Durable felt edge squeegee great for car vinyl wrapping, effectively remove bubbles and minimize scratches with soft felt edge.
  • LONG SOFT BLUE SQUEEGEE: This is a special squeegee which can be used in plug the edge in some detail and fine area. It conforms the film more reliably into tricky areas like shallow recessed areas and bumpers and remove the bubbles effectively. Minimize scratches and reduce damage, scrape off the bubbles downright under the film, prevent glass,car paint and film.
  • SAFETY VINYL CUTTER: The standard razor blade is encased in the plastic holder which allows excess film to be cut safely around a vehicle.Safe and easy to cut the vinyl into different size and shapes. Ideal for use in the warehouse or by sign makers and wide format printers.
  • UTILITY KNIFE AND BLADES: Retractable 9mm stainless handle art knife with 10pcs snap-off blades. Snap-off knife allows you to snap the dull blades off for a new sharp cutting tip to keep your blade always sharp.

CARTINTS Car Install Tools for Vinyl Wrap, Vehicle Tint Window Film Kit Includes Vinyl Wrap Magnets, Edge Trimming Tools, Felt Squeegee, Wrapping Cutter, 9mm Knife
as of December 4, 2022 10:27 pm


  • 7 in1 Edge Trimming Squeegee: The squeegee set has 14 ends with different shapes, which fit for any edge of your car, such as headlight, Bumper, car doors handle, Car center-console. CARTINTS brand edge trimming squeegee will help you complete vinyl film wrapping in narrow corners.
  • 4 Inches Felt Edge Squeegee: Made of soft plastic, strong enough to improve the efficiency of smoothing vinyl film. Microfiber felt edge squeegee will not leave any scratches or marks on the thin self-adhesive paper.
  • Vinyl Wrap Cutter And 9mm Knife Blade: The razor cutter is safe enough for you to cut off vinyl film roll because its blade is hidden inside. The retractable 9 mm knife is the best to trim the excess vinyl film or cut the size you want. Snap off blade will miantain long time best cutting performance.
  • Vinyl Wrap Magnets and Work Gloves: You can use the vinyl magnet tool to hold the large vinyl film paper so that you can free your hands to finish the details from smoothing to trimming.Work gloves is the key tool to prevent hands injury, or the damages of vinyl wrap paper.
  • Package: 7 x blue hard edge-trimming squeegee, 2x blue felt squeegee, 2 x vinyl wrap magnet holder,1 x 9mm utility knife,10 x blades,5 x squeegee felts replacement,1 x safe red cutter, 1x black work gloves

Gomake Vinyl Wrap Tool Kit Window Tint Kits for Car Wrapping Installation, Include Heat Gun, Vinyl Squeegee,Micro Wrap Stick Squeegee, Film Cutter, Magnet Holder, Plastic Scraper

2 used from $65.86
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as of December 4, 2022 10:27 pm


  • WRAP STICK SQUEEGEE :8PCS micro squeegee with different kinds terminal in the vinyl wrap tool kit,suitable wrap stick for small, round and narrow place.
  • HEAT GUN FOR VINYL WRAP: 110 V, 1800W, with US Standard Plug, with digital display. The heat gun use to install car sticker vinyls or easy remove old films or paints from car body/window without residue.
  • WINDOW TINT KIT WITH VINYL MAGNETS: Each package includes 4 PCS vinyl wrap magnets holder which used to hold the vinyl film to accurately position graphics when installing the car wrap and free your hands.
  • COMPLETE WINDOW TINT INSTALL KIT:This vinyl wrap tools include variety of vinyl squeegee,wrap stick, film cutter, plastic scraper, magnet holder,vinyl glove and heat gun.
  • TINT APPLICATION TOOL SET: car vehicle window vinyl film wrap application installation Tools Kit is ideal for quick installations with minimal effort. Suitable for application of all types of window tint,decals,signs, wrap film and car vinyl cutting,wallpaper Install.

Pro Vinyl Wraps Applicator Tool Kit Window Tint Film Car Wrapping Tools Includes Felt Squeegees, Plastic Scraper, Wrap Knife and Blades, Magnetic Holders, Cleaning Cloth, Gloves and Finger Sleeve
as of December 4, 2022 10:27 pm


  • A must have vinyl wrapping tool kit in the sign making and labeling job, includes tools for vinyl application, corner treatment, film holding magnets, cleaning tools, tint window tool, ppf tools.
  • In sign making technology you need plastic squeegees in different degrees of hardness and angles, this vinyl wrap tool kit will offer you freely choose.
  • With this set of vinyl tools, it is more convenient to handle corners, bumpers and other hard-to-reach places.
  • 2pcs yellow sliding mark scrapers with different angles,can be used to make mark during cutting extra vinyl, also can cut the vinyl film into specific width, Calibration of the board is clear enough to measure while marking.
  • Car Wrap Tools Including several cutting tools, knife and blades, sticker film removal plastic scraper, back-slitter cutting knife.

Keadic 47Pcs Car Vinyl Wrap Tool Kits, Felt Squeegees with Spare Fabric Felts, Vinyl Graphic Magnet Holders, Gloves, Zippy Vinyl Cutter, Utility Knife and Blades, Micro Squeegees and Storage Box
as of December 4, 2022 10:27 pm


  • 〖1. Starter Kit〗In this car wrap vinyl vehicle film tool kit, you will get almost everthing you need to start an auto window tinting and wrapping project: 2pcs 4" blue vinyl wrap felt squeegees with 10pcs spare fabric felts, 2pcs vinyl graphic magnet holders, 1 pair of white gloves, 1pcs orange zippy vinyl cutter, 2pcs different utility knives and 20pcs blades, 2pcs scrapers soft and hard, 4pcs micro squeegees and a sturdy concealed box.
  • 〖2. Quality Vinyl Micro Squeegees〗This 4 types of Squeegees are made of different materials, suitable for film wrapping and tinting work on various car surface. The blue one is made of TPU, which is soft, will not hurt the film. The red one is TPU and PVC, with medium hardness. The black one is ABS, with higher toughness, resistant to wear and high temperature! The metal one is made of solid stainless steel, with higher hardness and corrosion-resistance!
  • 〖3. Vinyl Graphic Magnet Holders〗Mainly used for car (off-road vehicle) canopy spotlights, cars and van roof advertising light boxes, wedding car discs, cameras and some special instruments fixed positioning. The magnetic force of our vinyl graphic magnet holders are 10 times of ordinary magnets, ensuring the safety and robustness of the spotlight.
  • 〖4. Vinyl Wrap Felt Squeegees〗We provide you 2 pieces squeegees, which are designed with anti-slip handle, highly easy to operate. Besides, there are 10pcs extra fluff patches included for replacements, made of imported adhesive tape, no glue remaining after tearing!
  • 〖5. Wide Application〗All of tools in this kit will work great in auto window tinting, vinyl film, wall decals, poster, wallpaper installation, all types of paint protection film, decals, solar film, wrap film and other film wrapping projects.

Zanch Vinyl Wrap Tool Kit Window Tint Tools Heat Gun Squeegee Scraper Shank Cutter Magnets Gloves Hot Air Gun Car Wrapping Kit Auto Boat House Truck Door Furniture Vinyl Film Installation Application
as of December 4, 2022 10:27 pm


  • 【Application】:Perfect for Car Window Tinting, Vinyl Wraps Installation, improve your vinyl installation effect.
  • 【Heat Gun】: 1800W 110V US Plug, with Variable Temperature Control function and LCD display, come with 4Pcs Nozzles.
  • 【Squeegee】: It has a different shape of plastic corner that can work for most of the edges and complex curves. different hardness to meet all your cleaning needs.
  • 【Magnet Holder】: 4 PCS magnet holder which can help you fix your film on the car and free your hands.
  • 【Film Cutting Knife】: Film cutting knife: Equipped with three kinds of knives: hobby knife, vinyl knife, film cutting knife. It is recommended that you use a film cutter for cutting and a hobby knife and a vinyl knife for edge cutting.

GUGUGI Car Wrapping Vinyl Tool Kit Window Film Tint Tools Set with Car Wrap Edge Trimming Squeegee, Vinyl Squeegee, Utility Knife Blade
as of December 4, 2022 10:27 pm


  • Professional vinyl wrap squeegee tool kit.Ideal for car wraps, vehicle lettering & graphics, decals, sign making, window tint. Perfect to wrapping the auto edges or corners to complete full wraps!
  • Felt Squeegee: Can glide easily,helping to eliminate air bubbles and scratches; Dual edge will adapt to more wrapping application situation.
  • Safety Vinyl Cutter and 9mm Snap-Off Knife: Designed for cutting paper,vinyl sheet,plastic films; Safe and Effective. The retractable knife can maintain sharp edge to trim the extra vinyl or film.
  • 7in 1 Edge Trimming Squeegee: Complete install kit to help you solve the vinyl wrap difficulties at the edges and corners!
  • Set includes: 1x felt squeegee;1 x snitty vinyl cutter; 7 in 1 edge trimming squeegee; 1 x 9mm utility knife; 10 x knife blade replacements

FOSHIO Window Tint Vinyl Wrap Tool Kit with 5M Knife Tape, Felt Squeegee, Micro Squeegee, Wrap Magnets Holders, Gloves, Safety Cutter, Utility Knife, Plastic Razor Blades Vinyl Application

3 used from $23.33
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as of December 4, 2022 10:27 pm


  • 5 Meter roll (16 feet) knife tape for vinyl wrap turns easily in any direction to follow contours, curves and edges on vehicles. Finish car graphic design without a blade.
  • Felt squeegee with fabric felt edge material will help to prevent damage on vinyl surface and leave no scratch on vinyl surface. TPU rubber squeegee for vinyl wraps,make your detailing job more efficient and easier. 3 kinds of hardness squeegees are used for the curved surfaces and hard to reach the areas for your car.
  • Utility knife retractable with replacement blades great for such as box cutter, paper cutting, cuts cardboard and more.Cutting knife suitable for mat cutting, model making, etching, engraving, scoring and trimming. Zippy Safety Cutter speical for cutting the carbon fiber vinyl film, window films, PVC film, wall paper and so on.
  • Plastic razor blade scraper and replacement blades perfect for scraping labels, stickers, window film, decals, and other adhesives from car windows and windshields.
  • Dust-free Gloves can prevent the pollution and influence of residues such as oil, dust and sweat on the fingers during the process of filming, and effectively protect the filming effect.

SETLUX 32 Pcs Vinyl Car Wrapping Tint Tools Kit Vehicle Window Glass Protective Film Installing Tool Includes Felt Squeegee Stainless Steel Knife, Spare Felts, Working Gloves ,Vinyl Magnets
as of December 4, 2022 10:27 pm


  • Car Automotive Window Vinyl Film Wrap Application Installation Vehicle Tinting Tools Kit Set
  • This kit includes: Micro Squeegee Curved, Blue Felt Squeegee, Spare Felts, Snitty Safety Vinyl Cutter, Vinyl Magnets, 30° Stainless Steel Knife, Knife Blades, Working Gloves
  • Scrape off the bubbles downright under the film, cut the film as you wanted shape
  • Car Wrapping Tool kit is portable and convenient to use, with soft squeegee, will not scratch when operating.
  • This is about one set of Car Window Repairing Tool (including 30 tools) as the picture shown

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car vinyl wrap tool kit
car vinyl wrap tool kit
car vinyl wrap tool kit

Benefit of using car vinyl wrap tool kit :

By using car vinyl wrap tool kit you can make your car hygiene. This is common that, if you keep your car well maintained it will go long time.

Cleaning your car is an important step in maintaining its resale value. Clean cars are less likely to be stolen, and they’re more appealing to buyers when it comes time to sell or trade the vehicle in for buying a new car. Scheduled cleaning can also help keep you safe from exposure to hazardous materials like mold and mildew that can accumulate on upholstery and carpeting. In addition, you’ll feel better driving around with a clean car because it will smell fresher! If you’ve been putting off taking care usually of your car’s interior for any reason, now is the time to avoid procrastinating-the benefits outweigh any excuses not to do so! Now that we have covered some of the reasons why cleaning your car ought to be high.

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