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2022 Autel TPMS Relearn Tool TS408, Upgraded of TS401 Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor Programming Tool for All Cars, TPMS Reset, Sensor Activation, Program for Autel MX-Sensors without OBD2 Cable

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as of March 19, 2023 12:30 pm


  • 【100% TPMS RELEARN】Autel TPMS relearn tool TS408 works as a professional TPMS relearn scanner, to relearn almost all known sensor IDs. When any tires are rotated, you can perform Auto Relearn, or stationary relearn to introduce a new sensor ID to the vehicle's ECU. The detailed on-screen relearn procedures prompt a quick operation. Note: TS408 doesn't have OBD2 relearn/programming.
  • 【AUTEL SENSOR PROGRAMMING】Autel Programming tool TS408 provides you with 3 easy ways – Copy by Activation, Copy by Manual Input, Auto Create 1-16 sensors to perform TPMS sensor programming. You can get the Autel MX sensor programmed in seconds and it will function the same way as the original equipment sensor for the specific vehicle. Note: TS408 can only program MX-Sensor.
  • 【98% TPMS SENSOR ACTIVATION】Our TPMS scan tool TS408 triggers up to 98% TPMS sensors on the market. You can fast and accurately trigger and decode sensors to read their ID, pressure, temperature, and voltage before servicing the tires/wheels or when you are performing programming or relearn. No need to purchase a separate activation tool.
  • 【TPMS SENSOR READING】Autel MaxiTPMS TS408 retrieves sensor ID, pressure, temperature, battery condition, alerting you of the real-time tire condition. Based on the information including manufacturer, frequency, relearn type, etc, you can always quickly know what kind of sensor you need, to replace the bad one.
  • 【HASSLE-FREE PURCHASE】The multi-purpose TPMS scan tool Autel MaxiTPMS TS408 serves to multiple vehicles makes and models. And, as a seller authorized by Autel, we are making every effort to meet your requirement on all fronts. 1)1-year warranty; lifetime of free update; 2)30-day free return policy; 3)24-hour tech support.

VXDAS TPMS Relearn Tool for GM Tire Sensor TPMS Reset Tool Tire Pressure Monitor System Activation Tool OEC-T5 for GM Buick/Chevy/Cadillac Series Vehicles 2022 Edition

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as of March 19, 2023 12:30 pm


  • 【2022 For GM TIRE TPMS RELEARN TOOL】Works on most General Motors (Chevy / Buick / GMC / Opel /Cadillac etc)equipped with 315/433 MHz , Please check the last picture with exact car model. More car models will be updated after being tested!【Please comfirm VXDAS brand LOGO, without LOGO are FAKE, and not sure the quality】
  • 【ESSENTIAL VEHICLE TOOL】Tire Reset Activate Easily within 1-2 Mins, after tire rotations or change a new tire, Remote Control Door Lock Receiver Module replacement or Tire Pressure Sensor replacement.
  • 【EASY TO USE】tpms reset tool can help you reprogram all tires much easier just with 3 steps. Ensure that the vehicle is in the TPMS Learn Mode, and follow the service procedure. Hold tool against the sidewall of the tire, near the valve stem. Depress Learn button while holding the tool against the tire sidewall.
  • 【SAVE TIME& MONEY】Tire pressure monitor sensor activation tool is simple and fast ,activates the individual TPM sensor with the press of one button easily within 1-2 Mins.Save your almost 20-80$,.Much better than going to the dealer or a tire store just to get your pressure sensors reset.

Autel TS508 TPMS Relearn Tool Tire Pressure Monitor - MaxiTPMS TS508 TPMS Reset Tool Program 16 MX-Sensor Key Fob Testing Read/Check/Active Tire Sensor DTCs for all 315/433MHz (Upgraded TS401/408/501)

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as of March 19, 2023 12:30 pm


  • [TPMS Diagnostic for Read/Clear Vehicle DTCs]: Key Fob Testing or Vehicle Identification function to locate type of 315/433MHz Tire Sensor accurately. The new generation TPMS diagnostic & service tool TS508, designed to active/read/check all known OE/OBD2/MX/Others TPMS sensors/status/health condition(sensor ID,volt,tire pressure,temperature,battery,position,frequency), program Auteltech MX-Sensors and conduct TPMS position relearn after repairing.
  • [Upgraded Version of TS501/408/401/TPMS Pad]: MaxiTPMS 508 has Quick(Scan/Program Sensor, Relearn Procedure, Sensor Info)/Advanced(TPMS Diagnose, Program Sensor, Position Relearn and diagram Info) 2 service modes to provide faster and smarter TPMS repairs in a high-efficient way. Included but not limited TPMS diagnostic(one step to complete TPMS health check), Read/Clear TPMS DTCs, on-screen DTC description, Read sensor ID by OBD and copy ID into MX-Sensor, Relearn by OBD function and more...
  • [TPMS Sensor Programming for all Autel MX-Sensor]: To replace the faulty or low battery life or invalid OE/MX/Other sensors, the TS508 has 4 ability to program new ECU info through MX-Sensors into Vehicle Tire Pressure Monitoring System: Copy by Activation, Copy by Manual Input, Auto Create 1-16 MX-Sensors and Copy by OBD(Others can not). The MX-Sensor TPS218 combines both 315MHz+433MHz frequency(Info of Sensor ID,volt,tire pressure,temperature,battery,position,frequency,Hardware/Software Ver).
  • [TPMS Sensor Relearn to ECU & Reset MILs]: Auteltech MaxiTPMS 508 has 3 ways for position relearn such as Stationary Relearn(requires the vehicles be placed in the "Learn Mode"), Automatic Relearn(Refer to on-screen Relearn Procedure for the exact details of the process) and OBD Relearn(directly write the TPMS sensor IDs to the TPMS module, other tpms tool can not do this). Read/Erease automatically DTCs present in the ECU after TPMS sensor relearn, Best TPMS Tool as OE level compliant.

ATEQ VT37 TPMS Sensor Activation and Programming Tool

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as of March 19, 2023 12:30 pm


  • 100% vehicle coverage for diagnosing and activating TPMS sensors
  • Programs over 20 leading aftermarket sensor brands
  • Can be used as a standalone reset tool for Domestic or European vehicles with manual or auto relearn
  • Displays relearn procedures required to reset a TPMS system
  • Ability to pair with a bi-directional scan tool to reset Import vehicles

LAUNCH CRT5011E 2022 Newest TPMS Relearn Tool + OBD2 Scanner Code Reader,TPMS Sensor (315+433MHz) Read/Activate/Programming/Relearn/Reset,Key Fob Test,Lifetime Free Update,Tire Pressure Sensor Program
as of March 19, 2023 12:30 pm


  • 【Full TPMS Function + OBDII Diagnostics 2 in 1】LAUNCH CRT5011E 2022 NEWEST TPMS tool integrated with tire pressure sensor Diagnose(Check),Activate(Read), Program, and Relearn. It activates and reads tire sensor information by receiving 315/433MHz signal, and resets the TPMS module through the OBD interface. CRT5011E also is an OBD2 scanner, which supports Read/Clear Codes, I/M Readiness, Data Stream, View Freeze Frame, O2 Sensor Test, On-Board Monitor Test, EVAP System Test, Vehicle Info, etc.
  • 【Activate 99% Sensors】LAUNCH CRT5011E TPMS Relearn Tool can easily activate most of the known OEM TPMS sensors. The main application scenarios of CRT5011E are tire pressure sensor replacement, tire replacement, car assembly and detection of whether the sensor is normal.Whether you are an automotive DIY enthusiast or mechanic, you can easily activate any brand of sensor with this TPMS reset tool.This TPMS Reset tool can also help you clear dreaded warning light of TPMS&Engine(emission-related).
  • 【5 Programming Modes & 315/433MHz】 LAUNCH CRT5011E tpms programming tool support easy and fast Auto Creat,Manual Creation, Copy ID by OBD, Copy ID by Activate, and Creat Multi-Sensor ( up to 8 ) to program the tpms sensor data into new sensors. (Note: It only available for LAUNCH LTR-01 Sensor and other Unencrypted sensor, highly recommend program LAUNCH LTR01 Sensor,search “B09CKDYKY7” to purchase) Professional Launch CRT5011E can program the sensor by receiving multi-frequency 315MHz/433MHz.
  • 【TPMS Relearn & Read TPMS ECU ID & Wide Coverage】LAUNCH CRT5011E is a tire pressure monitoring system relearn tool, which supports 3 relearn ways: 0BD Relearn, Automatic Relearn and Stationary Relearn. After sensor programming is completed, the Relearn function needs to be executed to register the sensor ID in the ECU. Besides writing the Sensor ID into ECU, it can read sensor ECU ID from TPMS. It is worth mentioning that CRT5011E also supports the diagnosis of 99% of the models on the market.
  • 【Fast & Accurate & Free Lifetime Upgraded】LAUNCH CRT5011E is a powerful and versatile tpms & obdii 2-in-1 tool. It is ideal for repair shops or tire shops to easily and accurately find and diagnose the faulty tire pressure sensor. You can update your CRT5011E from your PC at any time without any cost. Remember to check monthly for the software updates. launch may release several new features in the future to make your car obd2 and tpms diagnostics easier.

Autel ITS600 TPMS Programming Tool : TPMS Programming/Relearn/Reset Scan Tool, VINScan, Reset EPB/Oil/BMS /SAS, All Systems Diagnostics, Upgraded Version of TS508, TS608, MK808TS, ITS600

2 new from $599.00
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as of March 19, 2023 12:30 pm


  • ✔️【2022 ITS600 Update from MK808TS/TS608】The newest released TPMS relearn tool ITS600 has further improved compared to TS608/MK808TS in functions. This TPMS programming tool ITS600 has a more portable size; attaches several vehicle identification methods: VIN/ Barcode/Plate Scan; increases to 20 sensors can be programmed at the same time; adds more TPMS services such as DOT Scan, Tire Expiration Notice, Recall Lookup; updates the operating system to Android 9.0, and doubles the storage memory.
  • ✔️【Comprehensive TMS Features】The MaxiTPMS professional TPMS programming and relearn tool ITS600 can perform every aspect of TPMS service: all-known sensors activation; view sensors data, TPMS diagnostics; 4 ways to program Autel MX-Sensor programming with 99% vehicle coverage; 3 positions relearn procedures; and TPMS retrofit guide. Besides, the ITS600 can program up to 20 MX-Sensors at once (16 for former models) and enables quick placard/TPMS threshold value resets.
  • ✔️【4 Maintenance Functions】Autel TPMS tool ITS600 gives customers more diagnostic functions than the complete TPMS functions, including quick access to 4 common services (EPB, Oil Reset, BMS, SAS ) and lifelong free TPMS software updates. Purchase the Pro software upgrade, you can enjoy all systems diagnostics and access an extensive menu of all 24+ vehicle maintenance services, which enhance its service capability to any busy tire shop, wheel shop, or general repair facility.
  • ✔️【Smart VINScan & Bluetooth Connection】The quick vehicle ID technology makes ITS600E have multiple VIN acquisition methods of VINScan, QR Code Scan, Plate scan, Auto VIN, and manual input, which allow technicians to effortlessly and accurately identify the vehicle information as well as the tire sensor OE number. The tablet also features a Bluetooth vehicle communication interface (VCI) to provide users with greater service mobility and easier TPMS sensor interaction.
  • ✔️【Extended Tire Diagnostic Features】The TPMS scanner Autel ITS600 can also scan and display tire DOT registration numbers to get the information of tire age, warning, and recall status. This function enables technicians to do more thorough analyses for tire status. With the purchase of wear examiner tool TBE200, ITS600 can be transferred to a precision-driven tire tread depth and brake disc examiner that allows technicians to quickly identify if the vehicle needs new tires or new brakes discs.

OTC Tools 3838 TPMS Tool

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as of March 19, 2023 12:30 pm


  • Both a sensor activation and diagnostic device which couples On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) II relearn capabilities all in one compact and portable housing
  • Features an exclusive wireless OBD II module for TPMS sensor registration
  • 3.5 inch high resolution icon based screen for easy navigation of key menus including sensor activation, relearn procedures, universal sensor programming and Key Fob Signal Strength test
  • Other standard features include USB & SD card connectivity and Infrared (IR) printing
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) devices ensure tires and vehicles are operated safely under the recommended factory conditions

Autel MaxiTPMS TS501 TPMS Relearn Tool 2021 Newest, Activate/Relearn All Brand Sensors & Program MX-Sersors (315/433MHz), Key Fob Testing, Upgraded Version of TS401/TS408
as of March 19, 2023 12:30 pm


  • 【Activate All Sensors & TPMS Diagnose】TS501 is the upgraded version of TS401/TS408. It is specially designed to activate all known OEM/Universal TPMS sensors, can diagnose newest models up to 2020 with frequent updates. TS501 provides users with direct access to the vehicle’s ECU through OBD II connection, thus allowing users to reprogram sensor IDs and retrieve/clear TPMS DTCs, helping technicians to quickly find out faulty TPMS and turn off MILs. Please confirm with: AutelUS @ outlook . com
  • 【Professional TPMS Programming Diagnostics Tool】 TS501 enables all car enthusiasts to program sensor data to Autel MX-Sensors with ease, saving you the money and trip to a dealership. With TS501, you can program AUTEL MX-Sensor (315/433MHz) with 4 programming options: Copy By Activation, Copy By Manual Input, Auto Create and Copy by OBD( Not available with TS408) to replace the faulty sensor with low battery life or one that is not functioning well.
  • 【Relearn All TPMS Sensors】To turn off the TPMS warning light after replacement, you need to relearn the sensors to the vehicle! Autel TS501 TPMS Relearn Tool provides 3 ways of on-tool relearn precedures to relearn both OE and aftermarket sensors: Stationary Relearn, Automatic Relearn & OBD Relearn. NOTE: TS501 has added Relearn by OBD comparing with TS408.
  • 【Complete TPMS System Scan Tool】TS501 will activate TPMS sensors, Read sensor data, TPMS diagnose, one step for complete TPMS health check, Read/clear TPMS DTCs; on-screen DTC description, Scan TPMS sensor ID and copy ID into MX-Sensor, Manual input OE ID into MX-sensor, Program MX-Sensor by auto creating sensor ID, Read Sensor ID by OBD and copy ID into MX-Sensor, Relearn by OBD function, Relearn procedure guide on the tool, Check Key FOB.
  • 【Free Lifetime Software update & Excellent Tech-support & Multiple Languages】TS501 comes with Review Data function, which allows user to view and print out saved data of the latest TPMS diagnostic recordings by the service tool. Please send SN if you need to authorize languages. Get Tech-support: AutelUS @ outlook . com

Autel MaxiTPMS TS508(with Extra Screen Wiper) TPMS Relearn/Reset/Diagnosis Tire Sensor DTCs Tool Advance Mode Diagnostic Scan Sensor ID(Advanced TS401/TS408/TS501)

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1 used from $185.00
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as of March 19, 2023 12:30 pm


  • TS508 is an upgraded version of TS501/408/401/TPMS Pad, is capable of wirelessly diagnosing TPMS problems as well as activate any known OEM / Universal TPMS sensors, ID clone or reprogram sensors to the vehicle's ECU, and turn off warning lights.
  • TS508 is a TPMS diagnostic & service tool specially designed to activate all known TPMS sensors, read TPMS sensor status, check TPMS system health condition, program MX-sensors and conduct TPMS relearn
  • With Quick Mode and Advanced Mode options, you can save time and energy by choosing the most suitable way to complete TPMS work. TS508, the starting TPMS kit with one tool can be your right choice to experience AUTEL TPMS lines.
  • Lifetime free updatable through Mac/Win PC to fix the latest bugs or add newly parameters.Time-effiency and Saving hundreds of dollars on Vehicles Safety Check.Along with the Free Online Update Function for upgrading its software through USB cable.7*24hours. Local Technical Support & Satisfaction Guarantee.Click“Buy it now”and enjoy a high-quality product with confidence.
  • TPMS Advanced Mode: complete TPMS functions to perform sensor check , TPMS diagnose, MX-Sensor program and sensor position relearn.

Autel TPMS Relearn Tool TS408, 2022 Upgraded Version of Autel TS401, TPMS Reset, Sensor Activation, Program, Key Fob Testing, with Lifetime Update

3 new from $158.00
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as of March 19, 2023 12:30 pm


  • 【Sensor Activation】As a specialized TPMS tool, TS408 supports the activation of most known OE and universal sensors. You can complete the activation process in a heartbeat as long as you stick to the prompts and select the correct make, model and year. Once the sensors are paired, you can access the info and status. Note: not applicable to vehicles without tpms sensors and some non-factory sensors. Please send the OEM code or sensor info to us to check.
  • 【Sensor programming】Autel TS408 supports Autel sensor programming, which can be achieved in three methods: 1. If the old sensor can be appropriately activated and obtains an ID, you can program it by copying the activating ID. 2. If the ID only can be obtained from the old sensor housing, you can input the ID and program it manually. If neither of the above methods works, we highly recommend that you create the ID automatically with TS408. Note: TS408 can only program Autel MX-Sensor.
  • 【Sensor Learning】After replacing the sensor, tire pressure module, receiver, adjusting tires, dismounting & modifying tires, etc., you can use the learning function of TS408 to pair and turn off the tire pressure fault light, which can be done by the following methods: static learning, self-learning. Note: Autel TS508 comes with an OBD II cable. Autel TS408 does not, therefor TS408 doesn’t have OBD2 relearn/programming.
  • 【Remote Control Test】Autel TPMS scanner TS408 can obtain the remote control information and working status to make sure it is in the best shape. Update: You need to connect the TS408 and PC with a USB cable and install the upgrade app. Please check the user guide or user manual for detailed update steps.
  • 【For better Customer Experience】Do you still hesitate to take this tpms tool home? Then one year warranty and lifetime free update are offered for you. With English/Spanish/French data support and 24-hour tech support, we are here to provide reliable shopping experience. Please see the Installation Manual [pdf ] on the Technical Specification to see how to update TS408 quickly.

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